I seriously considered doing this about two weeks ago but I didn't know what the response would be but it doesn't matter to me. This is all in good fun for the throwback fans of wrestling.

Introduction: In 1991, one wrestler had his career halted by one faithful stipulation at Wrestlemania, the other lost his best friend at the hands of the 460-pound Earthquake. What could these two men have in common? They would have the hottest feud at the end of the year.

The Tale of the Tape

Jake "The Snake" Roberts

From: Stone Mountain, GA USA

Height: 6' 8"

Weight: 249lbs

Finishing Move: DDT

WWF Titles: None

Allies: The Undertaker and Paul Bearer

Biggest Wins: Ted Dibiase, Rick "The Model" Martel, Andre the Giant, Earthquake, "Ravishing" Rick Rude

Biggest Losses: Ted Dibiase, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, Honky Tonk Man

"Macho Man" Randy Savage

From: Sarasota, FL USA

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 245lbs

Finishing Move: Flying Elbow Smash

WWF Titles: Intercontinental Title, WWF Title

Allies: Miss Elizabeth

Biggest Wins: Tito Santana, George "The Animal" Steele, Ted Dibiase, Andre the Giant, Dusty Rhodes,

Biggest Losses: Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, The Ultimate Warrior, Dusty Rhodes, "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan

As you can read, these two men took a similar path to success but it would be Savage at the right time winning two championships almost back to back and holding his own with the likes of Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior. In 1991 however, this would mean nothing as these two men would be in the wrestling purgatory for the first half of the year.

The Road Traveled

Jake had his problems with "The Model" after being blinded by the Arrogence of the Model and vowed revenge despite his problem. It led to being embarassed by Martel and Brother Love leading into the 1990 Survivor Series where Martel team, "The Visionaries" (a play on Jake's temporary blindness) eliminated the Jake's "Vipers," and the 1991 Royal Rumble where Roberts was eliminated by Martel. It led to Wrestlemania VII in the first blindfold match and Roberts finally exacting revenge on Martel after a vicious DDT. After Martel came Earthquake. An easy win for Jake and after a long celebration in the ring, the man-monster Earthquake approached the ring for his match. Jake walking back to the locker room with his pet Damien around his neck when he ran into Earthquake and his manager Jimmy Hart. Earthquake, afraid of Damien, throws Jimmy Hart in the path of Jake and Damien. Jake, obviously taunting Earthquake, begins to chase Earthquake and Jimmy back to the locker room. Earthquake vowed to get revenge on Jake, and he quite certainly did. April on Superstars of Wrestling, a match was finally signed between the two and it almost never as Jake was attacked before the bell and he sent Quake and Hart out of the ring with Damien. Referees in the back force Earthquake back to the ring and forced Jake to put Damien back in the bag and under the ring. In doing so, Jake was hit from behind by Earthquake. After being tied in the ropes, Quake went back under the ring and the bag, placed it back in the middle of the ring and told Jake he will squash the snake. With the referee tied up by Jimmy Hart, Quake proceed to give the Earthquake slpash twice. Jake would never be the same. Interesting enough, commentator Randy Savage made a comment that may have later caught the rage of Jake Roberts, saying that he "likes it"(commenting on the attack of the Jake and Damien).

Macho wasn't having a banner year himself. As the "Macho King," he encurred the wrath of the then WWF Champion, the Ultimate Warrior. After an attack on Warrior on Saturday Nights Main Event in November of 1990, Savage almost went in hiding. Preparing for the Royal Rumble in the same night of the event, Savage sent his queen, Sensational Sherri to request a Title Match from the Warrior before his match against Sgt. Slaughter. Warrior "politely" declined the offer with a simple no and entered his WWF Title match as a overwhelming favorite. The champ had challenge Slaughter in complete control until Savage attacked him in the middle of the match. Warrior regain control and almost put the match away until a sceptor shot in the head by Macho King cost him the WWF Title. The two men after the Rumble chased the other for two months until WWF President Jack Tunney made the decision to put the two in a match at Wrestlemania VII with the stipulation that the loser must call it a career. A Career-Ending Match was unprecedented at the time but as commentator Gorilla Monsoon said, "No one wants to make a mistake in this match." A bit of foreshadowing occured before when Elizabeth made a very, very rare appearance in the crowd. Both men gave everything they had in this match. Savage gave the Ultimate Warrior five Elbow Smash and Warrior kicked out. Warrior mustered more strength than Savage and put Savage and seemingly Sherri away after three shoulder tackles. Savage was a beaten man and it did not help that Sherri put the boots to him. Liz worried for Randy, ran into the ring and threw Sherri out of ring. After a moment of confusion for Savage, who was still recovering from beatings by Warrior and Sherri embraced his former manager and did something the fans were waiting for for two and a half years, graceful embraced them. Monsoon is credited for re-christening him the Macho 'Man.' His last match was a match against "The Model" Rick Martel where after a piledriver on the arena floor and Flying Elbow Smash later his was the victor for the last time.

Paths Crossed

After turning on the Ultimate Warrior just days away from Summerslam, Jake "The Snake" Roberts and new allies Paul Bearer and The Undertaker were planning something at Summerslam and at the same time Macho Man was scheduled to marry the lovely Elizabeth at the same event. The commentary team mentioned that Roberts and the Undertaker were lurking around in the arena but throughout the night, neither man surfaced and they seemed to forget their natural enemy, the Ultimate Warrior. In a lovely moment in WWF (and now WWE) history, Liz and Randy married without a hitch. The post-wedding celebration was humorous at best. Bobby "The Brain" Heenan crying because Savage married and dancing. Then came time to open the gifts. As Savage opened one box which revealed something shocking, male underwear, Elizabeth opened a box that revealed something dangerous, a cobra. Randy was then ambushed by the Undertaker and Liz was harassed by Jake. The save was made by newcomer Sid Justice who shelded the helpless couple with a folding chair. From that point, Randy Savage made it his mission to return to the ring for revenge against Jake Roberts. For months, Savage pleaded with WWF President Jack Tunney to allow him to return. Tunney left that to the fans around the Survivor Series where the team of Roberts, I.R.S., and the Natural Disasters would take on The Big Bossman, L.O.D and possibly Randy Savage. November 23rd, five days before the event, Jake baited Randy into the ring and attacked him. Then, possibly the most talked about incident in wrestling for years to come occured. Jake "The Snake" Roberts pulled out a king cobra and it bit Randy Savage. The attack put Savage out of the Survivor Series and it put Jake out as he was to wait for Savage to heal for Tuesday in Texas in early December. Tunney, who officially reinstated Savage a day before Survivor Series also made the decision to ban all reptiles from ringside, sending Jake over the edge. At Tuesday in Texas, these two men fought each other tooth and nail and when it was all said and done, Macho Man picked up the win. Savage wanted more than the win though. He wanted to end Roberts career, he took the ring bell and was going to inflict more damage to Jake until out of nowhere, a DDT. Jake then picked up Randy and gave him other DDT. After being forced out of the ring by referee Earl Hebner, Jake Roberts slowly walked back but then stop and returned to the ring with a bag in his hand, seemingly the king cobra. That brought out Elizabeth and while pleading with Jake, Jake hit a third DDT. Savage was on dream street and Liz pleaded with Jake to stop. Jake appeared to listen to Liz but she then was picked up by the hair and slapped
by Jake. After Jake was restrained by all of the WWF officials, he left with a sense of victory despite losing the match. Randy and Liz, both battered by Jake left ringside with fear and anger and Randy vowed revenge against Jake "the Snake" Roberts.

1992 and the Decline

Randy and Jake were both signed in the 1992 Royal Rumble for the WWF Title, the first title match for Jake and for Randy, the first title match in over a year. It was a huge opportunity for both but Randy was still thinking about Tuesday in Texas. Jake entered the Rumble at number 16 and kept one in the ring and the other on the entrance. When number 20 hit, Jake worried, was about to run until he seen his partner in crime Undertaker walking to the ring. Jake still shaken waited for number 21 and horn sounded and running out was the Macho Man. Jake went to the floor and Randy slightly lost him. After an ambush by Jake from behind, Randy recovered and a knee in the back later, Jake was eliminated from the Royal Rumble and lost his chance to win the WWF Title.

These two men were signed again by Jack Tunney in a one on one grudge match for Saturday Nights Main Event in February. This match was just like the match in December but instead of one Elbow smash, Savage won the feud with two Elbow smashs and a victory. Jake wanted to get the last laugh though and wielded a steel chair behind the entrance curtain and threaten to hit whoever came through first. Randy followed behind Elizabeth on the way back to the locker room. When Elizabeth came through the curtain, Jake loaded up and attempted to swing but the unlikely save was made by Jake's ally, the Undertaker and Randy picked up his chair and hit Jake in the back.

The Aftermath

Randy Savage after two straight wins led him to be Hulk Hogan's replacement at Wrestlemania VIII against WWF Champion Ric Flair where more mind games would be played but Savage overcame the mind games to become the WWF Champion for a second time. He held the title for four months plus before losing it back to Flair on September 1st of the same year.

Jake Roberts went to questioning where The Undertaker stood and Undertaker clearly wasn't on the same page as Jake. After attacking Paul Bearer and the Undertaker in the Funeral Parlor, Jake was signed at Wrestlemania VIII against Undertaker and soundly defeated. He was released from the WWF that year for the rest of the year feuded with Sting in WCW

Both men found themselves in a hole in the middle of 1991 and many fans seen the gas run out of both of them. Jake needed a boast and despite his inital feuds with the Ultimate Warrior and Sid Justice fell apart due to release and injuries and Savage needed to re-establish his legacy after the disaster that was 1990 and his Macho King run. Both men were in the right place at the right time and thankfully, these two men had chemistry, and lots of it.

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